About us

It’s hard to find healthier alternatives to the over refined cakes and biscuits stacked up on the supermarket shelves, so after years of making my own at home to satisfy my sweet tooth and being brilliant at eating chocolate it became possible to share my creations with like-minded healthier eating chocoholics and lovers of all foods sugary!

You can enjoy this vegan cookie-mix with the knowledge and confidence that it has been thoroughly tested by leading nutritionists and bakers alike, it is free from common allergens like wheat, dairy, eggs and soya, it’s easy to make with just the addition of water required, and it’s made from natures little powerhouses of nutrition – nuts and seeds. It’s also sweetened naturally with Dates and Coconut Sugar, and seasoned generously with Fairly-Traded Organic Dark Chocolate chunks, making it suitable for fiending chocolate monsters in search of fulfilling their cocoa destiny.

This cookie-mix has a wonderful nutrient profile, explained in scientific detail by Nutritionist and Associate Member of The Royal Society for Public Health Tamara Bennett. You can enjoy home baked cookies with your family and children and save money spent on expensive snack bars by making your own using cookie-mix. For only £6.99 you get 422 grams of superfood cookie-mix with free delivery. Buy in bulk and receive 4 packets for £20 delivered.

Always hand-made. Always ethically sourced. Only available online.